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§ 141.571 - What records does subpart T require my system to keep?

Your system must keep several types of records based on the requirements of subpart T, in addition to recordkeeping requirements under § 141.75. The following table describes the necessary records, the length of time these records must be kept, and for which requirement the records pertain. Your system is required to maintain records described in this table, if it is subject to the specific requirement shown in the first column.

Corresponding requirement Description of necessary records Duration of time records must be kept
(a) Individual Filter Turbidity Requirements
(§§ 141.560-141.564)
Results of individual filter monitoringAt least 3 years.
(b) Disinfection Profiling
(§§ 141.530-141.536)
Results of Profile (including raw data and analysis)Indefinitely.
(c) Disinfection Benchmarking
(§§ 141.540-141.544)
Benchmark (including raw data and analysis)Indefinitely.