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§ 355.32 - Which emergency release notification requirements apply to continuous releases?

If the release of an EHS or CERCLA hazardous substance is continuous and stable in quantity and rate at your facility as defined in 40 CFR 302.8(b), then the release qualifies for reduced reporting requirements under this subpart. Under these reduced reporting requirements, you do not need to provide the notifications required under § 355.40. However, in addition to the notifications required under 40 CFR 302.8, you must make all of the following notifications to the community emergency coordinator for the LEPC for any area likely to be affected by the release and to the SERC of any State likely to be affected by the release:

(a) Initial notifications as specified in 40 CFR 302.8 (d) and (e).

(b) Notification of a “statistically significant increase,” defined in 40 CFR 302.8(b) as any increase above the upper bound of the reported normal range.

(c) Notification of a “new release” as specified in 40 CFR 302.8(g)(1).

(d) Notification of a change in the normal range of the release as specified under 40 CFR 302.8(g)(2).