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§ 1042.670 - Special provisions for gas turbine engines.

The provisions of this section apply for gas turbine engines.

(a) Implementation schedule. The requirements of this part do not apply for gas turbine engines below 600 kW before the 2014 model year. The requirements of this part do not apply for Tier 3 or earlier gas turbine engines at or above 600 kW. The provisions of 40 CFR part 1068 also do not apply for gas turbine engines produced in these earlier model years.

(b) Special test procedures. Manufacturers seeking certification of gas turbine engines must obtain preliminary approval of the test procedures to be used, consistent with § 1042.210 and 40 CFR 1065.10.

(c) Remanufacturing. The requirements of subpart I of this part do not apply for gas turbine engines.

(d) Equivalent displacement. Apply displacement-based provisions of this part by calculating an equivalent displacement from maximum engine power. The equivalent per-cylinder displacement (in liters) equals maximum engine power in kW multiplied by 0.00311, except that all gas turbines with maximum engine power above 9,300 kW are considered to have an equivalent per-cylinder displacement of 29.0 liters. Also, determine the appropriate Tier 3 standards for Category 1 engines based on the engine having an equivalent power density below 35 kW per liter.

(e) Emission-related components. All components meeting the criteria of 40 CFR 1068.501(a)(1) are considered to be emission-related components with respect to maintenance, warranty, and defect reporting for gas turbine engines.

(f) Engines used for national defense. See § 1042.635 for provisions related to exempting gas turbine engines used for national defense.

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