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§ 1051.1 - Does this part apply for my vehicles or engines?

(a) The regulations in this part 1051 apply for all the following new recreational vehicles or new engines used in the following recreational vehicles, except as provided in § 1051.5:

(1) Snowmobiles.

(2) Off-highway motorcycles.

(3) All-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

(4) Offroad utility vehicles with engines with displacement less than or equal to 1000 cc, maximum engine power less than or equal to 30 kW, and maximum vehicle speed higher than 25 miles per hour. Offroad utility vehicles that are subject to this part are subject to the same requirements as ATVs. This means that any requirement that applies to ATVs also applies to these offroad utility vehicles, without regard to whether the regulatory language mentions offroad utility vehicles.

(b) In certain cases, the regulations in this part 1051 apply to new engines under 50 cc used in motorcycles that are motor vehicles. See 40 CFR 86.447-2006 or 86.448-2006 for provisions related to this allowance.

(c) This part 1051 applies for new recreational vehicles starting in the 2006 model year, except as described in subpart B of this part. You need not follow this part for vehicles you produce before the 2006 model year, unless you certify voluntarily. See §§ 1051.103 through 1051.110, § 1051.145, and the definition of “model year” in § 1051.801 for more information about the timing of the requirements.

(d) The requirements of this part begin to apply when a vehicle is new. See the definition of “new” in § 1051.801 for more information. In some cases, vehicles or engines that have been previously used may be considered “new” for the purposes of this part.

(e) The evaporative emission requirements of this part apply to highway motorcycles, as specified in 40 CFR part 86, subpart E.

[70 FR 40486, July 13, 2005, as amended at 73 FR 59245, Oct. 8, 2008]