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§ 1051.30 - Submission of information.

(a) This part includes various requirements to record data or other information. Refer to § 1051.825 and 40 CFR 1068.25 regarding recordkeeping requirements. Unless we specify otherwise, store these records in any format and on any media and keep them readily available for one year after you send an associated application for certification, or one year after you generate the data if they do not support an application for certification. You must promptly send us organized, written records in English if we ask for them. We may review them at any time.

(b) The regulations in § 1051.255 and 40 CFR 1068.101 describe your obligation to report truthful and complete information and the consequences of failing to meet this obligation. This includes information not related to certification.

(c) Send all reports and requests for approval to the Designated Compliance Officer (see § 1051.801).

(d) Any written information we require you to send to or receive from another company is deemed to be a required record under this section. Such records are also deemed to be submissions to EPA. We may require you to send us these records whether or not you are a certificate holder.

[75 FR 23023, Apr. 30, 2010]