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§ 1051.325 - What happens if an engine family fails the production-line testing requirements?

(a) We may suspend your certificate of conformity for an engine family if it fails under § 1051.315. The suspension may apply to all facilities producing vehicles or engines from an engine family, even if you find noncompliant vehicles or engines only at one facility.

(b) We will tell you in writing if we suspend your certificate in whole or in part. We will not suspend a certificate until at least 15 days after the engine family fails. The suspension is effective when you receive our notice.

(c) Up to 15 days after we suspend the certificate for an engine family, you may ask for a hearing (see § 1051.820). If we agree before a hearing occurs that we used erroneous information in deciding to suspend the certificate, we will reinstate the certificate.

(d) Section 1051.335 specifies steps you must take to remedy the cause of the engine family's production-line failure. All the vehicles you have produced since the end of the last test period are presumed noncompliant and should be addressed in your proposed remedy. We may require you to apply the remedy to engines produced earlier if we determine that the cause of the failure is likely to have affected the earlier engines.

(e) You may request to amend the application for certification to raise the FEL of the engine family before or after we suspend your certificate as described in § 1051.225(f). We will approve your request if it is clear that you used good engineering judgment in establishing the original FEL.

[67 FR 68347, Nov. 8, 2002, as amended at 70 FR 40499, July 13, 2005; 73 FR 59252, Oct. 8, 2008]