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§ 1051.340 - When may EPA revoke my certificate under this subpart and how may I sell these vehicles again?

(a) We may revoke your certificate for an engine family in the following cases:

(1) You do not meet the reporting requirements.

(2) Your engine family fails to comply with the requirements of this subpart and your proposed remedy to address a suspended certificate under § 1051.325 is inadequate to solve the problem or requires you to change the vehicle's design or emission-control system.

(b) To sell vehicles from an engine family with a revoked certificate of conformity, you must modify the engine family and then show it complies with the requirements of this part.

(1) If we determine your proposed design change may not control emissions for the vehicle's full useful life, we will tell you within five working days after receiving your report. In this case we will decide whether production-line testing will be enough for us to evaluate the change or whether you need to do more testing.

(2) Unless we require more testing, you may show compliance by testing production-line vehicles or engines as described in this subpart.

(3) We will issue a new or updated certificate of conformity when you have met these requirements.