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§ 1051.350 - What records must I keep?

(a) Organize and maintain your records as described in this section. We may review your records at any time.

(b) Keep paper or electronic records of your production-line testing for eight years after you complete all the testing required for an engine family in a model year.

(c) Keep a copy of the written reports described in § 1051.345.

(d) Keep the following additional records:

(1) A description of all test equipment for each test cell that you can use to test production-line vehicles or engines.

(2) The names of supervisors involved in each test.

(3) The name of anyone who authorizes adjusting, repairing, preparing, or modifying a test vehicle or engine and the names of all supervisors who oversee this work.

(4) If you shipped the vehicle or engine for testing, the date you shipped it, the associated storage or port facility, and the date the vehicle or engine arrived at the testing facility.

(5) Any records related to your production-line tests that are not in the written report.

(6) A brief description of any significant events during testing not otherwise described in the written report or in this section.

(7) Any information specified in § 1051.345 that you do not include in your written reports.

(e) If we ask, you must give us projected or actual production figures for an engine family. We may ask you to divide your production figures by maximum engine power, displacement, fuel type, or assembly plant (if you produce vehicles or engines at more than one plant).

(f) Keep records of the vehicle or engine identification number for each vehicle or engine you produce under each certificate of conformity. You may identify these numbers as a range. Give us these records within 30 days if we ask for them.

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