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§ 1051.625 - What special provisions apply to unique snowmobile designs for small-volume manufacturers?

(a) If you are a small-volume manufacturer, we may permit you to produce up to 600 snowmobiles per year that are certified to less stringent emission standards than those in § 1051.103, as long as you meet all the conditions and requirements in this section.

(b) To apply for alternate standards under this section, send the Designated Officer a written request. In your request, do two things:

(1) Show that the snowmobile has unique design, calibration, or operating characteristics that make it atypical and infeasible or highly impractical to meet the emission standards in § 1051.103, considering technology, cost, and other factors.

(2) Identify the level of compliance you can achieve, including a description of available emission-control technologies and any constraints that may prevent more effective use of these technologies.

(c) You must give us other relevant information if we ask for it.

(d) An authorized representative of your company must sign the request and include the statement: “All the information in this request is true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge.”.

(e) Send your request for this extension at least nine months before the relevant deadline. If different deadlines apply to companies that are not small-volume manufacturers, do not send your request before the regulations in question apply to the other manufacturers.

(f) If we approve your request, we will set alternate standards for your qualifying snowmobiles. These standards will not be above 400 g/kW-hr for CO or 150 g/kW-hr for HC.

(g) You may produce these snowmobiles to meet the alternate standards we establish under this section as long as you continue to produce them at the same or lower emission levels.

(h) You may not include snowmobiles you produce under this section in any averaging, banking, or trading calculations under Subpart H of this part.

(i) You must meet all the requirements of this part, except as noted in this section.