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§ 1051.630 - What special provisions apply to unique snowmobile designs for all manufacturers?

(a) We may permit you to produce up to 600 snowmobiles per year that are certified to the FELs listed in this section without new test data, as long as you meet all the conditions and requirements in this section.

(b) You may certify these snowmobiles with FELs of 560 g/kW-hr for CO and 270 g/kW-hr for HC (using the normal certification procedures).

(c) The emission levels described in this section are intended to represent worst-case emission levels. You may not certify snowmobiles under this section if good engineering judgment indicates that they have emission rates higher than these levels.

(d) Include snowmobiles you produce under this section in your averaging calculations under Subpart H of this part.

(e) You must meet all the requirements of this part, unless the regulations of this part specify otherwise.