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§ 60.16 - Priority list.

Prioritized Major Source Categories

Priority Number 1Source Category
1.Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry (SOCMI) and Volatile Organic Liquid Storage Vessels and Handling Equipment
(a) SOCMI unit processes
(b) Volatile organic liquid (VOL) storage vessels and handling equipment
(c) SOCMI fugitive sources
(d) SOCMI secondary sources
2.Industrial Surface Coating: Cans
3.Petroleum Refineries: Fugitive Sources
4.Industrial Surface Coating: Paper
5.Dry Cleaning
(a) Perchloroethylene
(b) Petroleum solvent
6.Graphic Arts
7.Polymers and Resins: Acrylic Resins
8.Mineral Wool (Deleted)
9.Stationary Internal Combustion Engines
10.Industrial Surface Coating: Fabric
11.Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam Generating Units.
12.Incineration: Non-Municipal (Deleted)
13.Non-Metallic Mineral Processing
14.Metallic Mineral Processing
15.Secondary Copper (Deleted)
16.Phosphate Rock Preparation
17.Foundries: Steel and Gray Iron
18.Polymers and Resins: Polyethylene
19.Charcoal Production
20.Synthetic Rubber
(a) Tire manufacture
(b) SBR production
21.Vegetable Oil
22.Industrial Surface Coating: Metal Coil
23.Petroleum Transportation and Marketing
24.By-Product Coke Ovens
25.Synthetic Fibers
26.Plywood Manufacture
27.Industrial Surface Coating: Automobiles
28.Industrial Surface Coating: Large Appliances
29.Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production
30.Secondary Aluminum
31.Potash (Deleted)
32.Lightweight Aggregate Industry: Clay, Shale, and Slate 2
35.Sodium Carbonate
36.Secondary Zinc (Deleted)
37.Polymers and Resins: Phenolic
38.Polymers and Resins: Urea-Melamine
39.Ammonia (Deleted)
40.Polymers and Resins: Polystyrene
41.Polymers and Resins: ABS-SAN Resins
43.Polymers and Resins: Polypropylene
44.Textile Processing
45.Asphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacture
46.Brick and Related Clay Products
47.Ceramic Clay Manufacturing (Deleted)
48.Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer
49.Castable Refractories (Deleted)
50.Borax and Boric Acid (Deleted)
51.Polymers and Resins: Polyester Resins
52.Ammonium Sulfate
55.Phosphoric Acid: Thermal Process (Deleted)
56.Uranium Refining
57.Animal Feed Defluorination (Deleted)
58.Urea (for fertilizer and polymers)
59.Detergent (Deleted)
Other Source Categories
Lead acid battery manufacture 3
Organic solvent cleaning 3
Industrial surface coating: metal furniture 3
Stationary gas turbines 4
Municipal solid waste landfills 4

1 Low numbers have highest priority, e.g., No. 1 is high priority, No. 59 is low priority.

2 Formerly titled “Sintering: Clay and Fly Ash”.

3 Minor source category, but included on list since an NSPS is being developed for that source category.

4 Not prioritized, since an NSPS for this major source category has already been promulgated.

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