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§ 60.22a - Publication of emission guidelines.

(a) Concurrently upon or after proposal of standards of performance for the control of a designated pollutant from affected facilities, the Administrator will publish a draft emission guideline containing information pertinent to control of the designated pollutant from designated facilities. Notice of the availability of the draft emission guideline will be published in the Federal Register and public comments on its contents will be invited. After consideration of public comments and upon or after promulgation of standards of performance for control of a designated pollutant from affected facilities, a final emission guideline will be published and notice of its availability will be published in the Federal Register.

(b) Emission guidelines published under this section will provide information for the development of State plans, such as:

(1) Information concerning known or suspected endangerment of public health or welfare caused, or contributed to, by the designated pollutant.

(2) A description of systems of emission reduction which, in the judgment of the Administrator, have been adequately demonstrated.

(3) Information on the degree of emission limitation which is achievable with each system, together with information on the costs, nonair quality health environmental effects, and energy requirements of applying each system to designated facilities.

(4) Incremental periods of time normally expected to be necessary for the design, installation, and startup of identified control systems.

(5) The degree of emission limitation achievable through the application of the best system of emission reduction (considering the cost of such achieving reduction and any nonair quality health and environmental impact and energy requirements) that has been adequately demonstrated for designated facilities, and the time within which compliance with standards of performance can be achieved. The Administrator may specify different degrees of emission limitation or compliance times or both for different sizes, types, and classes of designated facilities when costs of control, physical limitations, geographical location, or similar factors make subcategorization appropriate.

(6) Such other available information as the Administrator determines may contribute to the formulation of State plans.

(c) The emission guidelines and compliance times referred to in paragraph (b)(5) of this section will be proposed for comment upon publication of the draft guideline document, and after consideration of comments will be promulgated in subpart C of this part with such modifications as may be appropriate.