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§ 60.27a - Actions by the Administrator.

(a) The Administrator may, whenever he determines necessary, shorten the period for submission of any plan or plan revision or portion thereof.

(b) After determination that a plan or plan revision is complete per the requirements of § 60.27a(g), the Administrator will take action on the plan or revision. The Administrator will, within twelve months of finding that a plan or plan revision is complete, approve or disapprove such plan or revision or each portion thereof.

(c) The Administrator will promulgate, through notice-and-comment rulemaking, a federal plan, or portion thereof, at any time within two years after the Administrator:

(1) Finds that a State fails to submit a required plan or plan revision or finds that the plan or plan revision does not satisfy the minimum criteria under paragraph (g) of this section; or

(2) Disapproves the required State plan or plan revision or any portion thereof, as unsatisfactory because the applicable requirements of this subpart or an applicable subpart under this part have not been met.

(d) The Administrator will promulgate a final federal plan as described in paragraph (c) of this section unless the State corrects the deficiency, and the Administrator approves the plan or plan revision, before the Administrator promulgates such federal plan.

(e)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (e)(2) of this section, a federal plan promulgated by the Administrator under this section will prescribe standards of performance of the same stringency as the corresponding emission guideline(s) specified in the final emission guideline published under § 60.22a(a) and will require compliance with such standards as expeditiously as practicable but no later than the times specified in the emission guideline.

(2) Upon application by the owner or operator of a designated facility to which regulations proposed and promulgated under this section will apply, the Administrator may provide for the application of less stringent standards of performance or longer compliance schedules than those otherwise required by this section in accordance with the criteria specified in § 60.24a(e).

(f) Prior to promulgation of a federal plan under paragraph (d) of this section, the Administrator will provide the opportunity for at least one public hearing in either:

(1) Each State that failed to submit a required complete plan or plan revision, or whose required plan or plan revision is disapproved by the Administrator; or

(2) Washington, DC or an alternate location specified in the Federal Register.

(g) Each plan or plan revision that is submitted to the Administrator shall be reviewed for completeness as described in paragraphs (g)(1) through (3) of this section.

(1) General. Within 60 days of the Administrator's receipt of a state submission, but no later than 6 months after the date, if any, by which a State is required to submit the plan or revision, the Administrator shall determine whether the minimum criteria for completeness have been met. Any plan or plan revision that a State submits to the EPA, and that has not been determined by the EPA by the date 6 months after receipt of the submission to have failed to meet the minimum criteria, shall on that date be deemed by operation of law to meet such minimum criteria. Where the Administrator determines that a plan submission does not meet the minimum criteria of this paragraph, the State will be treated as not having made the submission and the requirements of § 60.27a regarding promulgation of a federal plan shall apply.

(2) Administrative criteria. In order to be deemed complete, a State plan must contain each of the following administrative criteria:

(i) A formal letter of submittal from the Governor or her designee requesting EPA approval of the plan or revision thereof;

(ii) Evidence that the State has adopted the plan in the state code or body of regulations; or issued the permit, order, consent agreement (hereafter “document”) in final form. That evidence must include the date of adoption or final issuance as well as the effective date of the plan, if different from the adoption/issuance date;

(iii) Evidence that the State has the necessary legal authority under state law to adopt and implement the plan;

(iv) A copy of the actual regulation, or document submitted for approval and incorporation by reference into the plan, including indication of the changes made (such as redline/strikethrough) to the existing approved plan, where applicable. The submittal must be a copy of the official state regulation or document signed, stamped and dated by the appropriate state official indicating that it is fully enforceable by the State. The effective date of the regulation or document must, whenever possible, be indicated in the document itself. The State's electronic copy must be an exact duplicate of the hard copy. If the regulation/document provided by the State for approval and incorporation by reference into the plan is a copy of an existing publication, the State submission should, whenever possible, include a copy of the publication cover page and table of contents;

(v) Evidence that the State followed all of the procedural requirements of the state's laws and constitution in conducting and completing the adoption and issuance of the plan;

(vi) Evidence that public notice was given of the proposed change with procedures consistent with the requirements of § 60.23a, including the date of publication of such notice;

(vii) Certification that public hearing(s) were held in accordance with the information provided in the public notice and the State's laws and constitution, if applicable and consistent with the public hearing requirements in § 60.23a;

(viii) Compilation of public comments and the State's response thereto; and

(ix) Such other criteria for completeness as may be specified by the Administrator under the applicable emission guidelines.

(3) Technical criteria. In order to be deemed complete, a State plan must contain each of the following technical criteria:

(i) Description of the plan approach and geographic scope;

(ii) Identification of each designated facility, identification of standards of performance for the designated facilities, and monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements that will determine compliance by each designated facility;

(iii) Identification of compliance schedules and/or increments of progress;

(iv) Demonstration that the State plan submittal is projected to achieve emissions performance under the applicable emission guidelines;

(v) Documentation of state recordkeeping and reporting requirements to determine the performance of the plan as a whole; and

(vi) Demonstration that each emission standard is quantifiable, non-duplicative, permanent, verifiable, and enforceable.