- Table 3 to Subpart Cb of Part 60 - Municipal Waste Combustor Operating Guidelines

Municipal waste combustor technology Carbon monoxide emissions levels (parts per million by volume) aAveraging time (hrs) b
Mass burn waterwall1004
Mass burn refractory1004
Mass burn rotary refractory10024
Mass burn rotary waterwall25024
Modular starved air504
Modular excess air504
Refuse-derived fuel stoker20024
Fluidized bed, mixed fuel (wood/refuse-derived fuel)200c 24
Bubbling fluidized bed combustor1004
Circulating fluidized bed combustor1004
Pulverized coal/refuse-derived fuel mixed fuel-fired combustor1504
Spreader stoker coal/refuse-derived fuel mixed fuel-fired combustor20024
Semi-suspension refuse-derived fuel-fired combustor/wet refuse-derived fuel process conversion250c 24
Spreader stoker fixed floor refuse-derived fuel-fired combustor/100 percent coal capable250c 24

a Measured at the combustor outlet in conjunction with a measurement of oxygen concentration, corrected to 7 percent oxygen, dry basis. Calculated as an arithmetic average.

b Averaging times are 4-hour or 24-hour block averages.

c 24-hour block average, geometric mean.

[71 FR 27334, May 10, 2006]