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§ 60.30b - Scope and delegation of authority.

(a) This subpart contains emission guidelines and compliance schedules for the control of certain designated pollutants from certain municipal waste combustors in accordance with section 111(d) and section 129 of the Clean Air Act and subpart B of this part. The provisions in these emission guidelines apply instead of the provisions of § 60.24(f) of subpart B of this part.

(b) The following authorities are retained by EPA:

(1) Approval of exemption claims in § 60.32b(b)(1), (d), (e), (f)(1), (i)(1);

(2) Approval of a nitrogen oxides trading program under § 60.33b(d)(2);

(3) Approval of major alternatives to test methods;

(4) Approval of major alternatives to monitoring;

(5) Waiver of recordkeeping; and

(6) Performance test and data reduction waivers under § 608(b).

[71 FR 27332, May 10, 2006]