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§ 60.36c - Compliance times.

(a) Except as provided for under paragraph (b) of this section, planning, awarding of contracts, and installation of MSW landfill air emission collection and control equipment capable of meeting the emission guidelines established under § 60.33c shall be accomplished within 30 months after the date the initial NMOC emission rate report shows NMOC emissions equal or exceed 50 megagrams per year.

(b) For each existing MSW landfill meeting the conditions in § 60.33c(a)(1) and § 60.33c(a)(2) whose NMOC emission rate is less than 50 megagrams per year on the effective date of the State emission standard, installation of collection and control systems capable of meeting emission guidelines in § 60.33c shall be accomplished within 30 months of the date when the condition in § 60.33c(a)(3) is met (i.e., the date of the first annual nonmethane organic compounds emission rate which equals or exceeds 50 megagrams per year).

[61 FR 9919, Mar. 12, 1996, as amended at 63 FR 32750, June 16, 1998]