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§ 60.316 - Test methods and procedures.

(a) The reference methods in appendix A to this part except as provided under § 60.8(b) shall be used to determine compliance with § 60.312 as follows:

(1) Method 24, or coating manufacturer's formulation data, for use in the determination of VOC content of each batch of coating as applied to the surface of the metal parts. In case of an inconsistency between the Method 24 results and the formulation data, the Method 24 results will govern.

(2) Method 25 for the measurement of VOC concentration.

(3) Method 1 for sample and velocity traverses.

(4) Method 2 for velocity and volumetric flow rate.

(5) Method 3 for gas analysis.

(6) Method 4 for stack gas moisture.

(b) For Method 24, the coating sample must be at least a 1 liter sample in a 1 liter container taken at a point where the sample will be representative of the coating material as applied to the surface of the metal part.

(c) For Method 25, the minimum sampling time for each of 3 runs is 60 minutes and the minimum sample volume is 0.003 dry standard cubic meters except that shorter sampling times or smaller volumes, when necessitated by process variables or other factors, may be approved by the Administrator.

(d) The Administrator will approve testing of representative stacks on a case-by-case basis if the owner or operator can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Administrator that testing of representative stacks yields results comparable to those that would be obtained by testing all stacks.