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§ 60.65 - Recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

(a) Each owner or operator required to install a CPMS or CEMS under sections § 60.63(c) through (e) shall submit reports of excess emissions. The content of these reports must comply with the requirements in § 60.7(c). Notwithstanding the provisions of § 60.7(c), such reports shall be submitted semiannually.

(b) Each owner or operator of facilities subject to the provisions of § 60.63(c) through (e) shall submit semiannual reports of the malfunction information required to be recorded by § 60.7(b). These reports shall include the frequency, duration, and cause of any incident resulting in deenergization of any device controlling kiln emissions or in the venting of emissions directly to the atmosphere.

(c) The requirements of this section remain in force until and unless the Agency, in delegating enforcement authority to a State under section 111(c) of the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. 7411, approves reporting requirements or an alternative means of compliance surveillance adopted by such States. In that event, affected sources within the State will be relieved of the obligation to comply with this section, provided that they comply with the requirements established by the State.

[78 FR 10035, Feb. 12, 2013]