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§ 60.73 - Emission monitoring.

(a) The source owner or operator shall install, calibrate, maintain, and operate a continuous monitoring system for measuring nitrogen oxides (NOX). The pollutant gas mixtures under Performance Specification 2 and for calibration checks under § 60.13(d) of this part shall be nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The span value shall be 500 ppm of NO2. Method 7 shall be used for the performance evaluations under § 60.13(c). Acceptable alternative methods to Method 7 are given in § 60.74(c).

(b) The owner or operator shall establish a conversion factor for the purpose of converting monitoring data into units of the applicable standard (kg/metric ton, lb/ton). The conversion factor shall be established by measuring emissions with the continuous monitoring system concurrent with measuring emissions with the applicable reference method tests. Using only that portion of the continuous monitoring emission data that represents emission measurements concurrent with the reference method test periods, the conversion factor shall be determined by dividing the reference method test data averages by the monitoring data averages to obtain a ratio expressed in units of the applicable standard to units of the monitoring data, i.e., kg/metric ton per ppm (lb/ton per ppm). The conversion factor shall be reestablished during any performance test under § 60.8 or any continuous monitoring system performance evaluation under § 60.13(c).

(c) The owner or operator shall record the daily production rate and hours of operation.

(d) [Reserved]

(e) For the purpose of reports required under § 60.7(c), periods of excess emissions that shall be reported are defined as any 3-hour period during which the average nitrogen oxides emissions (arithmetic average of three contiguous 1-hour periods) as measured by a continuous monitoring system exceed the standard under § 60.72(a).

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