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§ 60.77a - Reporting.

(a) The performance test data from the initial and subsequent performance tests and from the performance evaluations of the continuous monitors must be submitted to the Administrator at the appropriate address as shown in 40 CFR 60.4.

(b) The following information must be reported to the Administrator for each 30 operating day period where you were not in compliance with the emissions standard:

(1) Time period;

(2) NOX emission rates (lb/ton of acid produced);

(3) Reasons for noncompliance with the emissions standard; and

(4) Description of corrective actions taken.

(c) You must also report the following whenever they occur:

(1) Times when the pollutant concentration exceeded full span of the NOX pollutant monitoring equipment.

(2) Times when the volumetric flow rate exceeded the high value of the volumetric flow rate monitoring equipment.

(d) You must report any modifications to CERMS which could affect the ability of the CERMS to comply with applicable performance specifications.

(e) Within 60 days of completion of the relative accuracy test audit (RATA) required by this subpart, you must submit the data from that audit to EPA's WebFIRE database by using the Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI) that is accessed through EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) ( You must submit performance test data in the file format generated through use of EPA's Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT) ( Only data collected using test methods listed on the ERT Web site are subject to this requirement for submitting reports electronically to WebFIRE. Owners or operators who claim that some of the information being submitted for performance tests is confidential business information (CBI) must submit a complete ERT file including information claimed to be CBI on a compact disk or other commonly used electronic storage media (including, but not limited to, flash drives) by registered letter to EPA and the same ERT file with the CBI omitted to EPA via CDX as described earlier in this paragraph. Mark the compact disk or other commonly used electronic storage media clearly as CBI and mail to U.S. EPA/OAPQS/CORE CBI Office, Attention: WebFIRE Administrator, MD C404-02, 4930 Old Page Rd., Durham, NC 27703. At the discretion of the delegated authority, you must also submit these reports to the delegated authority in the format specified by the delegated authority. You must submit the other information as required in the performance evaluation as described in § 60.2 and as required in this chapter.

(f) If a malfunction occurred during the reporting period, you must submit a report that contains the following:

(1) The number, duration, and a brief description for each type of malfunction which occurred during the reporting period and which caused or may have caused any applicable emission limitation to be exceeded.

(2) A description of actions taken by an owner or operator during a malfunction of an affected facility to minimize emissions in accordance with § 60.11(d), including actions taken to correct a malfunction.