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§ 60.385 - Recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

(a) The owner or operator subject to the provisions of this subpart shall conduct a performance test and submit to the Administrator a written report of the results of the test as specified in § 60.8(a).

(b) During the initial performance test of a wet scrubber, and at least weekly thereafter, the owner or operator shall record the measurements of both the change in pressure of the gas stream across the scrubber and the scrubbing liquid flow rate.

(c) After the initial performance test of a wet scrubber, the owner or operator shall submit semiannual reports to the Administrator of occurrences when the measurements of the scrubber pressure loss (or gain) or liquid flow rate differ by more than ±30 percent from the average obtained during the most recent performance test.

(d) The reports required under paragraph (c) shall be postmarked within 30 days following the end of the second and fourth calendar quarters.

(e) The requirements of this subsection remain in force until and unless the Agency, in delegating enforcement authority to a State under section 111(c) of the Act, approves reporting requirements or an alternative means of compliance surveillance adopted by such States. In that event, affected sources within the State will be relieved of the obligation to comply with this subsection, provided that they comply with requirements established by the State.

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