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§ 60.471 - Definitions.

As used in this subpart, all terms not defined herein shall have the meaning given them in the Act and in subpart A of this part.

Afterburner (A/B) means an exhaust gas incinerator used to control emissions of particulate matter.

Asphalt processing means the storage and blowing of asphalt.

Asphalt processing plant means a plant which blows asphalt for use in the manufacture of asphalt products.

Asphalt roofing plant means a plant which produces asphalt roofing products (shingles, roll roofing, siding, or saturated felt).

Asphalt storage tank means any tank used to store asphalt at asphalt roofing plants, petroleum refineries, and asphalt processing plants. Storage tanks containing cutback asphalts (asphalts diluted with solvents to reduce viscosity for low temperature applications) and emulsified asphalts (asphalts dispersed in water with an emulsifying agent) are not subject to this regulation.

Blowing still means the equipment in which air is blown through asphalt flux to change the softening point and penetration rate.

Catalyst means a substance which, when added to asphalt flux in a blowing still, alters the penetrating-softening point relationship or increases the rate of oxidation of the flux.

Coating blow means the process in which air is blown through hot asphalt flux to produce coating asphalt. The coating blow starts when the air is turned on and stops when the air is turned off.

Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) means an air pollution control device in which solid or liquid particulates in a gas stream are charged as they pass through an electric field and precipitated on a collection suface.

High velocity air filter (HVAF) means an air pollution control filtration device for the removal of sticky, oily, or liquid aerosol particulate matter from exhaust gas streams.

Mineral handling and storage facility means the areas in asphalt roofing plants in which minerals are unloaded from a carrier, the conveyor transfer points between the carrier and the storage silos, and the storage silos.

Saturator means the equipment in which asphalt is applied to felt to make asphalt roofing products. The term saturator includes the saturator, wet looper, and coater.

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