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§ 60.231 - Definitions.

As used in this subpart, all terms not defined herein shall have the meaning given them in the Act and in subpart A of this part.

(a) Triple superphosphate plant means any facility manufacturing triple superphosphate by reacting phosphate rock with phosphoric acid. A run-of-pile triple superphosphate plant includes curing and storing.

(b) Run-of-pile triple superphosphate means any triple superphosphate that has not been processed in a granulator and is composed of particles at least 25 percent by weight of which (when not caked) will pass through a 16 mesh screen.

(c) Total fluorides means elemental fluorine and all fluoride compounds as measured by reference methods specified in § 60.234, or equivalent or alternative methods.

(d) Equivalent P2O5 feed means the quantity of phosphorus, expressed as phosphorus pentoxide, fed to the process.

[40 FR 33156, Aug. 6, 1975]