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§ 60.234 - Test methods and procedures.

(a) In conducting the performance tests required in § 60.8, the owner or operator shall use as reference methods and procedures the test methods in appendix A of this part or other methods and procedures as specified in this section, except as provided in § 60.8(b).

(b) The owner or operator shall determine compliance with the total fluorides standards in § 60.232 as follows:

(1) The emission rate (E) of total fluorides shall be computed for each run using the following equation:

where: E = emission rate of total fluorides, g/Mg (lb/ton) of equivalent P2O5 feed. Csi = concentration of total fluorides from emission point “i,” mg/dscm (gr/dscf). Qsdi = volumetric flow rate of effluent gas from emission point “i,” dscm/hr (dscf/hr). N = number of emission points in the affected facility. P = equivalent P2O5 feed rate, Mg/hr (ton/hr). K = conversion factor, 1000 mg/g (7,000 gr/lb).

(2) Method 13A or 13b shall be used to determine the total fluorides concentration (Csi) and volumetric flow rate (Qsdi) of the effluent gas from each of the emission points. The sampling time and sample volume for each run shall be at least 60 minutes and 0.85 dscm (30 dscf).

(3) The equivalent P2O5 feed rate (P) shall be computed for each run using the following equation:

P = Mp Rp where: Mp total mass flow rate of phosphorus-bearing feed, Mg/hr (ton/hr). Rp = P2O5 content, decimal fraction.

(i) The accountability system of § 60.233(a) shall be used to determine the mass flow rate (Mp) of the phosphorus-bearing feed.

(ii) The Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) Method 9 (incorporated by reference - see § 60.17) shall be used to determine the P2O5 content (Rp) of the feed.

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