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§ 60.266 - Test methods and procedures.

(a) During any performance test required in § 60.8, the owner or operator shall not allow gaseous diluents to be added to the effluent gas stream after the fabric in an open pressurized fabric filter collector unless the total gas volume flow from the collector is accurately determined and considered in the determination of emissions.

(b) In conducting the performance tests required in § 60.8, the owner or operator shall use as reference methods and procedures the test methods in appendix A of this part or other methods and procedures as specified in this section, except as provided in § 60.8(b).

(c) The owner or operator shall determine compliance with the particulate matter standards in § 60.262 as follows:

(1) The emission rate (E) of particulate matter shall be computed for each run using the following equation:

where: E = emission rate of particulate matter, kg/MW-hr (1b/MW-hr). n = total number of exhaust streams at which emissions are quantified. csi = concentration of particulate matter from exhaust stream “i”, g/dscm (gr/dscf). Qsdi = volumetric flow rate of effluent gas from exhaust stream “i”, dscm/hr (dscf/hr). P = average furnace power input, MW. K = conversion factor, 1000 g/kg (7000 gr/lb).

(2) Method 5 shall be used to determine the particulate matter concentration (csi) and volumetric flow rate (Qsdi) of the effluent gas, except that the heating systems specified in sections 2.1.2 and 2.1.6 are not to be used when the carbon monoxide content of the gas stream exceeds 10 percent by volume, dry basis. If a flare is used to comply with § 60.263, the sampling site shall be upstream of the flare. The sampling time shall include an integral number of furnace cycles.

(i) When sampling emissions from open electric submerged arc furnaces with wet scrubber control devices, sealed electric submerged arc furnaces, or semienclosed electric arc furnaces, the sampling time and sample volume for each run shall be at least 60 minutes and 1.80 dscm (63.6 dscf).

(ii) When sampling emissions from other types of installations, the sampling time and sample volume for each run shall be at least 200 minutes and 5.66 dscm (200 dscf).

(3) The measurement device of § 60.265(b) shall be used to determine the average furnace power input (P) during each run.

(4) Method 9 and the procedures in § 60.11 shall be used to determine opacity.

(5) The emission rate correction factor, integrated sampling procedure of Method 3B shall be used to determine the CO concentration. The sample shall be taken simultaneously with each particulate matter sample.

(d) During the particulate matter run, the maximum open hood area (in hoods with segmented or otherwise moveable sides) under which the process is expected to be operated and remain in compliance with all standards shall be recorded. Any future operation of the hooding system with open areas in excess of the maximum is not permitted.

(e) To comply with § 60.265 (d) or (f), the owner or operator shall use the monitoring devices in § 60.265 (c) or (e) to make the required measurements as determined during the performance test.

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