- Table 3 to Subpart FFFF of Part 60 - Model Rule - Operating Limits for Incinerators and Wet Scrubbers

As stated in § 60.3023, you must comply with the following:

For these operating parameters You must establish operating limits And monitoring using these minimum frequencies
Data measurement Data recording Averaging time
1. Charge rateMaximum charge rateContinuousEvery hourDaily for batch units. 3-hour rolling for continuous and intermittent units. a
2. Pressure drop across the wet scrubber or amperage to wet scrubberMinimum pressure drop or amperageContinuousEvery 15 minutes3-hour rolling. a
3. Scrubber liquor flow rateMinimum flow rateContinuousEvery 15 minutes3-hour rolling. a
4. Scrubber liquor pHMinimum pHContinuousEvery 15 minutes3-hour rolling. a

a Calculated each hour as the average of the previous 3 operating hours.