- Table 4 to Subpart FFFF of Part 60 - Model Rule - Requirements for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

As stated in § 60.3039, you must comply with the following:

For the following pollutants Use the following span values for your CEMS Use the following performance specifications (P.S.) in appendix B of this part for your CEMS If needed to meet minimum data requirements, use the following alternate methods in appendix A of this part to collect data
1. Carbon Monoxide125 percent of the maximum hourly potential carbon monoxide emissions of the waste combustion unitP.S.4AMethod 10.
2. Oxygen25 percent oxygenP.S.3Method 3A or 3B, or ANSI/ASME PTC 19.10-1981 (IBR, see § 60.17(h)) in lieu of Method 3B only.