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§ 423.642 - Notice of contract determination.

(a) When CMS makes a contract determination under § 423.641, it gives the PDP sponsor written notice.

(b) The notice specifies the -

(1) Reasons for the determination; and

(2) The Part D sponsor's right to request a hearing.

(c) CMS-initiated terminations - (1) General rule. Except as provided in (c)(2) of this section, CMS mails notice to the Part D plan sponsor 45 calendar days before the anticipated effective date of the termination.

(2) Exception. If a contract is terminated in accordance with § 423.509(b)(2)(i) of this part, CMS notifies the Part D plan sponsor of the date that it will terminate the Part D plan sponsor's contract.

(d) When CMS determines that it will not authorize a contract renewal, CMS mails the notice to the Part D sponsor by August 1 of the current contract year.

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