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§ 423.1016 - Filing of briefs with the Administrative Law Judge or Departmental Appeals Board, and opportunity for rebuttal.

(a) Filing of briefs and related documents. If a party files a brief or related document such as a written argument, contention, suggested finding of fact, conclusion of law, or any other written statement, it must submit an original and 1 copy to the ALJ or the Departmental Appeals Board, as appropriate. The material may be filed by mail or in person and must include a statement certifying that a copy has been furnished to the other party.

(b) Opportunity for rebuttal. (1) The other party will have 20 calendar days from the date of mailing or in person filing to submit any rebuttal statement or additional evidence. If a party submits a rebuttal statement or additional evidence, it must file an original and 1 copy with the ALJ or the Board and furnish a copy to the other party.

(2) The ALJ or the Board will grant an opportunity to reply to the rebuttal statement only if the party shows good cause.

[72 FR 68736, Dec. 5, 2007, as amended at 79 FR 29966, May 23, 2014]