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§ 423.1020 - Request for hearing.

(a) Manner and timing of request. (1) A Part D sponsor is entitled to a hearing as specified in 423.1006 and may file a request with the Departmental Appeals Board office specified in the initial determination.

(2) The Part D sponsor or its legal representative or other authorized official must file the request, in writing, to the appropriate Departmental Appeals Board office, with a copy to CMS, within 60 calendar days after receipt of the notice of initial determination, to request a hearing before an ALJ to appeal any determination by CMS to impose a civil money penalty.

(b) Content of request for hearing. The request for hearing must -

(1) Identify the specific issues, and the findings of fact and conclusions of law with which the affected party disagrees; and

(2) Specify the basis for each contention that a CMS finding or conclusion of law is incorrect.

[72 FR 68736, Dec. 5, 2007, as amended at 79 FR 29966, May 23, 2014]