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§ 423.1056 - Waiver of right to appear and present evidence.

(a) Waiver procedures. (1) If an affected party wishes to waive its right to appear and present evidence at the hearing, it must file a written waiver with the ALJ.

(2) If the affected party wishes to withdraw a waiver, it may do so, for good cause, at any time before the ALJ mails notice of the hearing decision.

(b) Effect of waiver. If the affected party waives the right to appear and present evidence, the ALJ need not conduct an oral hearing except in one of the following circumstances:

(1) The ALJ believes that the testimony of the affected party or its representatives or other witnesses is necessary to clarify the facts at issue.

(2) CMS shows good cause for requiring the presentation of oral evidence.

(c) Dismissal for failure to appear. If, despite the waiver, the ALJ sends notice of hearing and the affected party fails to appear, or to show good cause for the failure, the ALJ will dismiss the appeal in accordance with 423.1058.

(d) Hearing without oral testimony. When there is no oral testimony, the ALJ will—

(1) Make a record of the relevant written evidence that was considered in making the determination being appealed, and of any additional evidence submitted by the parties;

(2) Furnish to each party copies of the additional evidence submitted by the other party; and

(3) Give both parties a reasonable opportunity for rebuttal.

(e) Handling of briefs and related statements. If the parties submit briefs or other written statements of evidence or proposed findings of facts or conclusions of law, those documents will be handled in accordance with 423.1016.