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§ 423.1068 - Administrative Law Judge's decision.

(a) Timing, basis and content. As soon as practical after the close of the hearing, the ALJ issues a written decision in the case. The decision is based on the evidence of record and contains separate numbered findings of fact and conclusions of law.

(b) Notice and effect. A copy of the decision is mailed to the parties and is binding on them unless—

(1) A party requests review by the Departmental Appeals Board within the time period specified in 423.1076, and the Board reviews the case;

(2) The Departmental Appeals Board denies the request for review and the party seeks judicial review by filing an action in a United States District Court or, in the case of a civil money penalty, in a United States Court of Appeals;

(3) The decision is revised by an ALJ or the Department Appeals Board; or

(4) The decision is a recommended decision directed to the Board.