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§ 423.1090 - Basis, timing, and authority for reopening an Administrative Law Judge or Board decision.

(a) Basis and timing for reopening. An ALJ of Departmental Appeals Board decision may be reopened, within 60 calendar days from the date of the notice of decision, upon the motion of the ALJ or the Board or upon the petition of either party to the hearing.

(b) Authority to reopen. (1) A decision of the Departmental Appeals Board may be reopened only by the Departmental Appeals Board.

(2) A decision of an ALJ may be reopened by that ALJ, by another ALJ if that one is not available, or by the Departmental Appeals Board. For purposes of this paragraph, an ALJ is considered to be unavailable if the ALJ has died, terminated employment, or been transferred to another duty station, is on leave of absence, or is unable to conduct a hearing because of illness.