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§ 423.2320 - Payment processes for Part D sponsors.

(a) Interim payments. CMS provides monthly interim coverage gap discount program payments as necessary for Part D sponsors to advance coverage gap discounts to beneficiaries.

(b) Coverage Gap Discount Reconciliation. CMS reconciles interim payments with invoiced manufacturer discount amounts made available to each Part D plan's enrollee under the Discount Program.

(c) Manufacturer bankruptcy. In the event that a manufacturer declares bankruptcy, as described in Title 11 of the United States Code, and as a result of the bankruptcy, does not pay the quarterly invoices described in § 423.2315(b)(10) used for a particular contract year's Coverage Gap Discount Reconciliation described in paragraph (b) of this section, CMS adjusts the Coverage Gap Discount Reconciliation amount of each of the affected Part D sponsors to account for the total unpaid quarterly invoiced amount owed to each of the Part D sponsors for that particular contract year being reconciled.

[77 FR 22172, Apr. 12, 2012, as amended at 80 FR 7965, Feb. 12, 2015]