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§ 423.2470 - Remittance to CMS if the applicable MLR requirement is not met.

(a) General requirement. For each contract year, a Part D sponsor must provide a remittance to CMS if the contract's MLR does not meet the minimum percentage required by § 423.2410(b).

(b) Amount of remittance. For each contract that does not meet MLR requirement for a contract year, the Part D sponsor must remit to CMS the amount by which the MLR requirement exceeds the contract's actual MLR multiplied by the total revenue of the contract, as provided in § 423.2420(c), for the contract year.

(c) Timing of remittance. CMS will deduct the remittance from plan payments in a timely manner after the MLR is reported, on a schedule determined by CMS.

(d) Treatment of remittance. Payment to CMS must not be included in the numerator or denominator of any year's MLR.