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§ 423.2512 - LI NET sponsor requirements.

The LI NET program is administered by one or more Part D sponsor(s) that meet all of the requirements in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this section.

(a) Pharmacies and access to Part D drugs. (1) The LI NET sponsor must be a PDP sponsor that has an established contracted pharmacy network in all geographic areas of the United States in which low-income subsidies are available.

(2) The LI NET sponsor must meet the requirements for providing access to Part D drugs under § 423.120(a), (c), and (d).

(b) Experience. The LI NET sponsor must have a minimum of two consecutive years contracting with CMS as a Part D sponsor.

(c) Other LI NET sponsor requirements. The LI NET sponsor must:

(1) Have the technical capability and the infrastructure to provide immediate, current, and retroactive coverage for LI NET enrollees;

(2) Have the technical capability to develop the infrastructure necessary for verifying Medicaid dual eligibility status for presumed eligible LI NET enrollees.

(3) Identify, develop, and conduct outreach plans in consultation with CMS targeting key stakeholders to inform them about the LI NET program.

(4) Establish and manage a toll-free customer call center per § 423.128(d)(1) and fax line that can be accessed by pharmacy providers and beneficiaries, or others acting on their behalf, for purposes that include but are not limited to: handling inquiries about services under the LI NET program, providing the status of eligibility or claims, and having the ability to accept supporting documentation.

(5) Timely respond to beneficiary requests for reimbursement of claims by issuing reimbursement for eligible claims submitted by beneficiaries no later than 30 days after receipt, or, if the drug is not covered, the LI NET sponsor has 14 days to send communication to the beneficiary with a reason for the denial.

(6) Adjudicate claims from out-of-network pharmacies that are in good standing (as defined in § 423.2508(b)) according to the LI NET sponsor's standard reimbursement for their network pharmacies.