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§ 423.2516 - Selection of LI NET sponsor and contracting provisions.

(a) Appointment by CMS. CMS appoints a Part D sponsor that meets the requirements at § 423.2512 to serve as the LI NET sponsor.

(b) Selection criteria. In appointing a LI NET sponsor, CMS evaluates the following:

(1) Experience covering low-income beneficiaries, including but not limited to enrolling and providing coverage to low-income subsidy individuals as defined in § 423.34;

(2) Pharmacy access as outlined in § 423.120;

(3) Past performance, including Star Ratings (as detailed in § 423.186), previous intermediate sanctions (as detailed in § 423.750), and consistent with past performance in § 423.503(b); and

(4) Ability to meet the requirements listed in § 423.505 that are not waived under § 423.2536.

(c) Term of appointment. The term of the appointment will be ongoing provided mutual agreement between CMS and the selected party, subject to an annual contracting and bid process (per § 423.2524(b)) to determine payment rates for the upcoming year.