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§ 423.2536 - Waiver of Part D program requirements.

CMS waives the following Part D program requirements for the LI NET program:

(a) General information. Paragraphs (1) and (3)(B) of section 1860D-4(a) of the Act (relating to dissemination of general information; availability of information on changes in formulary through the internet).

(b) Formularies. Subparagraphs (A) and (B) of section 1860D-4(b)(3) of the Act (relating to requirements on development and application of formularies; formulary development) and formulary requirements in §§ 423.120(b) and 423.128(e)(5) and (6).

(c) Cost control and quality improvement requirements. Provisions under subpart D of this part, including requirements about medication therapy management, are waived except for the provisions in § 423.2508(c)(1) through (5).

(1) Section 423.153(b) and (c) for dispensing and point-of-sale safety edits;

(2) Section 423.154 for appropriate dispensing of prescription drugs in long-term care facilities;

(3) Sections 423.159 and 423.160 for electronic prescribing, excepting the requirements pertaining to formulary standards in § 423.160(b)(5);

(4) Section 423.162 for QIO activities; and

(5) Section 423.165 for compliance deemed on the basis of accreditation.

(d) Out-of-network access. Section 423.124 Special rules for out-of-network access to Part D drugs at out-of-network pharmacies, except for § 423.124(a)(2), which applies to LI NET.

(e) Medicare contract determinations and appeals. Subpart N, except for the provisions that apply to LI NET in § 423.2520(d).

(f) Risk-sharing arrangements. Section 423.336(a), (b), and (d).

(g) Certification of accuracy of data for price comparison. Section 423.505(k)(6).

(h) Part D communication requirements. Portions of subpart V of this part related to Part D communication requirements that are inapplicable to LI NET, including:

(1) Section 423.2265(b)(4), (5), (11), and (13);

(2) Section 423.2265(c);

(3) Section 423.2266(a);

(4) Section 423.2267(e)(3) through (5), (9) through (12), (14) through (17), (25), (29), and (33); and

(5) Section 423.2274.

(i) Medicare Coverage Gap Discount Program. Subpart W of this part.

(j) Requirements for a minimum medical loss ratio. Subpart X of this part.

(k) Recovery audit contractor Part C appeals process. Subpart Z of this part.

[88 FR 22342, Apr. 12, 2023; 88 FR 34780, May 31, 2023]