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§ 38.4 - Contracts.

(a) Eligibility. Public agencies and private mental health organizations which are determined by the Secretary to be capable of providing the professional mental health crisis counseling services or mental health training of disaster workers needed as a result of a major disaster are eligible for the award of a contract under this part.

(b) Use of local agencies. Preference will be given to the extent feasible and practicable, to those agencies and organizations which are located or do business primarily in the area affected by the major disaster.

(c) General requirements. Contracts under this part shall be entered into and carried out in accordance with the provisions of chapters 1 and 3 of title 41 of the Code of Federal Regulations and all other applicable laws and regulations.

(d) Payments. The Secretary shall from time to time make payments to the contractor of all or a portion of the contract award, either by way of reimbursement for expenses incurred or in advance for expenses to be incurred, to the extent he determines such payments are necessary to promote prompt initiation and advancement of the services to be provided under the contract. All payments not expended by the contractor within the period of the contract shall be returned to the Secretary.

(e) Reports. Contractors shall submit the following reports to the Secretary:

(1) Progress reports, to be submitted at the end of the first 30 days of the contract period and every 30 days therafter;

(2) A final report to be submitted within 60 days of the date upon which the contract terminates; and

(3) Such additional reports as the Secretary may prescribe including those which may be required to enable the Federal Coordinating Officer to carry out his functions.