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§ 1.3 - Regulatory policy.

(a) It is the general policy of FEMA to provide for public participation in rulemaking regarding its programs and functions, including matters that relate to public property, loans, grants, or benefits, or contracts, even though these matters are not subject to a requirement for notice and public comment rulemaking by law.

(b) It is the general policy of FEMA that its notices of proposed rulemaking are to afford the public at least 60 days for submission of comments unless the Administrator makes an exception and sets forth the reasons for the exception in the preamble to the notice of proposed rulemaking.

(c) The general policies contained in this section are not intended to and do not create a right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable against the United States or its agencies or officers. FEMA may depart from such policies in its absolute discretion, including for its annual grant programs and in other cases as circumstances warrant.