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§ 204.41 - Applicant eligibility.

(a) The following entities are eligible to apply through a State recipient for a subgrant under an approved fire management assistance grant:

(1) State agencies;

(2) Local governments; and

(3) Indian tribal governments.

(b) Entities that are not eligible to apply for a subgrant as identified in (a), such as privately owned entities and volunteer firefighting organizations, may be reimbursed through a contract or compact with an eligible applicant for eligible costs associated with the fire or fire complex.

(c) Eligibility is contingent upon a finding that the Incident Commander or comparable State official requested the applying entity's resources.

(d) The activities performed must be the legal responsibility of the applying entity, required as the result of the declared fire, and located within the designated area.

[66 FR 57347, Nov. 14, 2001, as amended at 82 FR 42, Jan. 3, 2017]