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§ 204.52 - Application and approval procedures for a subgrant under a fire management assistance grant.

(a) Request for Fire Management Assistance. (1) State, local, and tribal governments interested in applying for fire management assistance subgrants must submit a Request for Fire Management Assistance subgrant to the recipient in accordance with State procedures and within timelines set by the recipient, but no longer than 30 days after the close of the incident period.

(2) The recipient will review and forward the Request to the Regional Administrator for final review and determination. The recipient may also forward a recommendation for approval of the Request to the Regional Administrator when appropriate.

(3) The Regional Administrator will approve or deny the request based on the eligibility requirements outlined in § 204.41.

(4) The Regional Administrator will notify the recipient of his/her determination; the recipient will inform the applicant.

(b) Preparing a Project Worksheet. (1) Once the Regional Administrator approves an applicant's Request for Fire Management Assistance, the Regional Administrator's staff may begin to work with the recipient and local staff to prepare Project Worksheets.

(2) The Regional Administrator may request the Principal Advisor to assist in the preparation of Project Worksheets.

(3) The State will be the primary contact for transactions with and on behalf of the applicant.

(c) Submitting a Project Worksheet. (1) Applicants should submit all Project Worksheets through the recipient for approval and transmittal to the Regional Administrator as part of the State's application.

(2) The recipient will determine the deadline for an applicant to submit completed Project Worksheets, but the deadline must be no later than six months from close of the incident period.

(3) At the request of the recipient, the Regional Administrator may extend the time limitations in this section for up to 6 months when the recipient justifies and makes a request in writing.

(4) Project Worksheets will not be accepted after the deadline in paragraph (c)(2) of this section has expired, or, if applicable, after an extension specified by the Regional Administrator in paragraph (c)(3) of this section has expired.

(5) $1,000 Project Worksheet minimum. When the costs reported are less than $1,000, that work is not eligible and FEMA will not approve that Project Worksheet. This minimum threshold does not apply to Project Worksheets submitted for the direct and indirect costs of administration of a fire grant, as defined in § 204.63.

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