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§ 9.16 - Guidance for applicants.

(a) The Agency shall encourage and provide adequate guidance to applicants for agency assistance to evaluate the effects of their plans and proposals in or affecting floodplains and wetlands.

(b) This shall be accomplished primarily through amendment of all Agency instructions to applicants, e.g., program handbooks, contracts, application and agreement forms, etc., and also through contact made by agency staff during the normal course of their activities, to fully inform prospective applicants of:

(1) The Agency's policy on floodplain management and wetlands protection as set out in § 9.2;

(2) The decision-making process to be used by the Agency in making the determination of whether to provide the required assistance as set out in § 9.6;

(3) The nature of the Orders' practicability analysis as set out in § 9.9;

(4) The nature of the Orders' mitigation responsibilities as set out in § 9.11;

(5) The nature of the Orders' public notice and involvement process as set out in §§ 9.8 and 9.12; and

(6) The supplemental requirements applicable to applications for the lease or other disposal of Agency owned properties set out in § 9.14.

(c) Guidance to applicants shall be provided where possible, prior to the time of application in order to minimize potential delays in process application due to failure of applicants to recognize and reflect the provisions of the Orders and this regulation.