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§ 9.17 - Instructions to applicants.

(a) Purpose. In accordance with Executive Orders 11988 and 11990, the Federal executive agencies must respond to a number of floodplain management and wetland protection responsibilities before carrying out any of their activities, including the provision of Federal financial and technical assistance. The purpose of this section is to put applicants for Agency assistance on notice concerning both the criteria that it is required to follow under the Orders, and applicants' responsibilities under this regulation.

(b) Responsibilities of Applicants. Based upon the guidance provided by the Agency under § 9.16, that guidance included in the U.S. Water Resources Council's Guidance for Implementing E.O. 11988, and based upon the provisions of the Orders and this regulation, applicants for Agency assistance shall recognize and reflect in their application:

(1) The Agency's policy on floodplain management and wetlands protection as set out in § 9.2;

(2) The decision-making process to be used by the Agency in making the determination of whether to provide the requested assistance as set out in § 9.6;

(3) The nature of the Orders' practicability analysis as set out in § 9.9;

(4) The nature of the Orders' mitigation responsibilities as set out in § 9.11;

(5) The nature of the Orders' public and involvement process as set out in §§ 9.8 and 9.12; and

(6) The supplemental requirements for application for the lease or other disposal of Agency-owned properties, as set out in § 9.13.

(c) Provision of supporting information. Applicants for Agency assistance may be called upon to provide supporting information relative to the various responsibilities set out in paragraph (b) of this section as a prerequisite to the approval of their applications.

(d) Approval of applications. Applications for Agency assistance shall be reviewed for the recognition and reflection of the provisions of this regulation in addition to the Agency's existing approval criteria.