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§ 1606.9 - Recommended decision for a termination or debarment.

(a) For termination or debarment hearings under § 1606.8 of this part, within 20 calendar days after the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer shall issue a written recommended decision to the recipient and the Corporation, which may:

(1) Terminate financial assistance to the recipient commencing as of a specific date;

(2) Impose a limited reduction of funding commencing as of a specific date;

(3) Continue the recipient's current level of financial assistance under the grant or contract, subject to any modification or condition that may be deemed necessary on the basis of information adduced at the hearing; or

(4) Debar the recipient from receiving an additional award of financial assistance from the Corporation.

(b) The recommended decision shall contain findings of the significant and relevant facts and shall state the reasons for the decision. Findings of fact shall be based solely on the record of, and the evidence adduced at the hearing or on matters of which official notice was taken.