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§ 1607.5 - Compensation.

(a) While serving on the governing body of a recipient, no attorney member shall receive compensation from that recipient, but any member may receive a reasonable per diem expense payment or reimbursement for actual expenses for normal travel and other reasonable out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with written policies adopted by the recipient.

(b) Pursuant to a waiver granted under § 1607.6(b)(1), a recipient may adopt policies that would permit partners or associates of attorney members to participate in any compensated private attorney involvement activities supported by the recipient.

(c) A recipient may adopt policies that permit attorney members, subject to terms and conditions applicable to other attorneys in the service area:

(1) To accept referrals of fee-generating cases under part 1609 of these regulations;

(2) To participate in any uncompensated private attorney involvement activities supported by the recipient;

(3) To seek and accept attorneys' fees awarded by a court or administrative body or included in a settlement in cases undertaken pursuant to §§ 1607.5 (c)(1) and (2); and

(4) To receive reimbursement from the recipient for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the attorney member as part of the activities undertaken pursuant to § 1607.5(c)(2).

[59 FR 65254, Dec. 19, 1994, as amended at 60 FR 2330, Jan. 9, 1995]