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§ 1607.6 - Waiver.

(a) Upon application, the president shall waive the requirements of this part to permit a recipient that was funded under § 222(a)(3) of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 and, on July 25, 1974, had a majority of persons who were not attorneys on its governing body, to continue such nonattorney majority.

(b) Upon application, the president may waive any of the requirements of this part which are not mandated by applicable law if a recipient demonstrates that it cannot comply with them because of: (1) The nature of the population, legal community or area served; or (2) Special circumstances, including but not limited to, conflicting requirements of the recipient's other major funding source(s) or State law.

(c) A recipient seeking a waiver under § 1607.6(b)(1) shall demonstrate that it has made diligent efforts to comply with the requirements of this part.

(d) As a condition of granting a waiver under § 1607.6(b)(2) of any of the requirements imposed upon governing bodies by § 1607.3, the president shall require that a recipient have a policy body with a membership composed and appointed in the manner prescribed by § 1607.3. Such policy body shall be subject to the meeting requirements of § 1607.4(a) and its attorney members shall be subject to the restrictions on compensation contained in § 1607.5. The policy body shall have such specific powers and responsibilities as the President determines are necessary to enable it to formulate and enforce policy with respect to the services provided under the recipient's LSC grant or contract.