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§ 1612.5 - Permissible activities using any funds.

(a) A recipient may provide administrative representation for an eligible client in a proceeding that adjudicates the particular rights or interests of such eligible client or in negotiations directly involving that client's legal rights or responsibilities, including pre-litigation negotiation and negotiation in the course of litigation.

(b) A recipient may initiate or participate in litigation challenging agency rules, regulations, guidelines or policies, unless such litigation is otherwise prohibited by law or Corporation regulations.

(c) Nothing in this part is intended to prohibit a recipient from:

(1) Applying for a governmental grant or contract;

(2) Communicating with a governmental agency for the purpose of obtaining information, clarification, or interpretation of the agency's rules, regulations, practices, or policies;

(3) Informing clients, other recipients, or attorneys representing eligible clients about new or proposed statutes, executive orders, or administrative regulations;

(4) Communicating directly or indirectly with the Corporation for any purpose including commenting upon existing or proposed Corporation rules, regulations, guidelines, instructions and policies;

(5) Permitting its employees to participate in bar association activities, provided that recipient resources are not used to support and the recipient is not identified with activities of bar associations that are devoted to activities prohibited by this part.

(6) Advising a client of the client's right to communicate directly with an elected official; or

(7) Participating in activity related to the judiciary, such as the promulgation of court rules, rules of professional responsibility and disciplinary rules.