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§ 1612.7 - Public demonstrations and activities.

(a) During working hours, while providing legal assistance or representation to the recipient's clients or while using recipient resources provided by the Corporation or by private entities, no person shall:

(1) Participate in any public demonstration, picketing, boycott, or strike, except as permitted by law in connection with the employee's own employment situation; or

(2) Encourage, direct, or coerce others to engage in such activities.

(b) No employee of a recipient shall at any time engage in or encourage others to engage in any:

(1) Rioting or civil disturbance;

(2) Activity determined by a court to be in violation of an outstanding injunction of any court of competent jurisdiction; or

(3) Other illegal activity that is inconsistent with an employee's responsibilities under applicable law, Corporation regulations, or the rules of professional responsibility of the jurisdiction where the recipient is located or the employee practices law.

(c) Nothing in this section shall prohibit an attorney from:

(1) Informing and advising a client about legal alternatives to litigation or the lawful conduct thereof; or

(2) Taking such action on behalf of a client as may be required by professional responsibilities or applicable law of any State or other jurisdiction.