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§ 1628.3 - Policy.

(a) Recipients are permitted to retain from one fiscal year to the next LSC fund balances up to 10% of their LSC support.

(b) Recipients may request a waiver to retain a fund balance up to a maximum of 25% of their LSC support for special circumstances.

(c) Recipients may request a waiver to retain a fund balance in excess of 25% of a recipient's LSC support only for extraordinary and compelling circumstances, such as when a natural disaster or other catastrophic event prevents the timely expenditure of LSC funds, or when the recipient receives an insurance reimbursement, the proceeds from the sale of real property, a payment from a lawsuit in which the recipient was a party, or a payment from an LSC-funded lawsuit, regardless of whether the recipient was a party to the lawsuit.

(d) A waiver pursuant to paragraph (b) or (c) of this section may be granted at the discretion of the Corporation pursuant to the criteria set out in § 1628.4(e).

(e) In the absence of a waiver, a fund balance in excess of 10% of LSC support shall be repaid to the Corporation. If a waiver of the 10% ceiling is granted, any fund balance in excess of the amount permitted to be retained shall be repaid to the Corporation.

(f) A recovery of an excess fund balance pursuant to this part does not constitute a termination under 45 CFR part 1606. See § 1606.2(c)(2)(ii).

(g) One-time and special purpose grants awarded by the Corporation are not subject to the fund balance policy set forth in this part. Revenue and expenses relating to such grants shall be reflected separately in the audit report submitted to the Corporation. This may be done by establishing a separate fund or by providing a separate supplemental schedule of revenue and expenses related to such grants as a part of the audit report. No funds provided under a one-time or special purpose grant may be expended subsequent to the expiration date of the grant without the prior written approval of the Corporation. Absent approval from the Corporation, all unexpended funds under such grants shall be returned to the Corporation.

[65 FR 66642, Nov. 7, 2000, as amended at 80 FR 43968, July 24, 2015]